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Sunday, August 19, 2018

AYD - Jan 31 - busy day revisit day.

Awaken Your Day - Jan 29, 2016

"Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable."
- Sidney J. Harris

A lot of time, we don't need some deep thought to motivate us or get us going. Part of my belief is that we just need a reminder or gentle push to ignite our own thinking and presto, magic can happen by our own thoughts plugging in. " Liiiiggght Buuuulb."

So Friday is here. Most people have a lot going on. With that the weekend will fly by and Sunday night will come and there could be that feeling, "AAAGGGGHHH!!! Where did the time go?! I have so much to do." So - the Pierre 51% rule takes effect. We know this is going to happen as it has before. Knowing it gives you 51% controlling interest in what happens next.

If you do nothing else today or this weekend, set aside some time for something that is all about you. Your project, your passion, your to do list to make you feel some sense of accomplishment. Feeling complete on some loose end or set aside project, is often a prerequisite for more AH HA moments.

Sometimes, you have to make You a priority, and not feel guilty about it.

Good morning, Greater Day. Greater You is a role model to share.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and .... Squirrel!!

Awaken Your Day - Jan 30, 2018 - Create Your Great

Like minded.
One of the keys to Success is being around like minded people.
Establishing an environment of consistency on your path and frame of mind of those same thoughts and drivers that keep you in the zone and peak.

 But like minded environment goes beyond just the people around you.

In the mornings I try to give you some triggers to generate your desire for a better start to lead to a greater day. A good starting environment.

And sometimes words are hard. Sometimes we want to find that Rah Rah and Pom Pom shaking energy - and we just don’t know where we left them. Kind of like going to the coffee machine and realizing there is none.

So we need a jumpstart - like boosting your car. So create the great another way.
This should help find your spark.

 Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You - just a little shake away.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day.

Awaken Your Day - Jan 29, 2018 - wide Open

Opportunity Monday - what will you do with it?
Are you waiting, or are you Creating?

Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You - embracing the opportunities that present themselves.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day

AYD - Jan 28 - and away we go.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
- Theodor Roosevelt

It is good to dream big, or to want to do more for ourselves and others. It is often successful people telling us to dream bigger than we thought possible to push ourselves. Of this there is no doubt.

But often many people get grand visions and then get discouraged right away when they do not experience that immediate highlight reel success.... and then they let the Start Stop Them....because they compare their lack of progress to that other amazing story of growth and achievement they read so much about.

You can hang onto those great and grand plans and ideals - just begin first with what you know - and this will help you hold your grip. Pause to understand where you are right now and where that puts you on the timeline of that plan. Goal setting is key and one of the steps is to list out those contributing steps we must take on the journey to get to where we are going. Every contributing step leads you forward, no matter how small.

There has to be some focus and respect on each foothold as you climb a mountain - so too there must be the same attention to each footprint you need to make toward your destination.

It is not a setback to plan your attack. (Hey, i like that one!) And it starts with accepting where you are, what you have for quality inventory and drive, and where those elements enable you to place your first footprint into the adventure story you so long to write for your life and those that care for you.

Good morning, Greater day. Greater you - well that is just better for everyone around you.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy, and Author to the map of my journey.

Awaken Your Day - Jan 27, 2018 - Take a walk through your Contacts

Like Minded People.
One of the keys to Successful days. Personal and business.
Take some time to enjoy your weekend. And one of the ways to do that is to get reaquainted with those people you enjoy. 

Walk through your contact list. Recite one thing you like about each person. Let your mind run through some happy memories.

Now Go... it's that simple.

Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You - hanging with those other Great people you know.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day

Awaken Your Day - Jan 26, 2018 - The rest starts now

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”
- (When Harry Met Sally, 1989)

When you feel passionate about something … it is one of the strongest driving emotions you will ever feel. Consider it for a moment and you have to agree.

Passion, moves you. Literally. Your mind races and you get off your ass and you do things. You become more, you think more off the charts and out of the box, you generate ideas and results like never before. You take action because you want to and you continue to take action because your energy makes you. You surprise yourself, you motivate yourself, you energize mind, body and spirit. It is a constant rush. ( read that again but faster - it's like you can feel yourself getting excited)

You feel joy. You share joy. You shine. Your senses are alive.
You live like we are supposed to live. Now the million dollar WTH … knowing what we know … having felt that before for a love, a dream, a skill, a career … ( wait for it...)

Why are we not striving for that life altering, life bettering emotion is all we do? Why don’t we reach for that familiar Amazing when other elements of life are not peak?
What is your passion? Any one of them will do… great things for you.

 Awaken Your Day – embracing the passions in your life .. and let the rest of your life start now.

Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You - passionate living.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day

AYD - works for me - Jan 26

AYD - works for me.
Rough sleep
Refreshing shower
Healthy breakfast
Good lunch packed and bag prepared to go...
Read a few pages in a book that I can’t wait get back to
Bus on time.
Warm cozy coat
Good beats in my ears.
Dark foggy winter drive - reminds me of working winter In Rainbow Lake. Exactly what I needed then. I smile at the memory of the stars. The peace in my heart.
Time to change the music.
No matter what today brings - I’m ready for my part.
See you out there.

Awaken Your Day - Jan 25, 2018 - What's in your Wallet?

Pop Quiz.
What is in your toolbox - to better design the layout of your day?

You have what you need.
From what we have discovered here together - to what you have gathered in your successful life reflections.
You have built a wonderful tool kit.

What tool will you use right now to shape your...

 Good Morning, and Greater Day. Greater You - Living in Your Design.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day.

AYD - Jan 24, 2018 - Because sometimes when words are taking shape - just practice what you speech.

AYD - Jan 24, 2014
Word of the day...Relief.

Relief ... now that I type it I start to question if I have spelt it correctly...it looks wrong...because it has been out of my vocabulary for what feels like a long time.

When you have a number of unfinished, yet all important tasks, that need your attention all at the same time. When you feel as though none of them are getting closure, and they all somehow have started to feel difficult. When you are not sure where to start one or finish another. When you start to pile on other items in your calendar, to the deadlines associated to the Existing Unfinished and you cannot seem to connect two thoughts together. When all of it clouds your vision, and you feel tired.

When you complete one of the items. Breath in feels deeper.
A sense of relief.
You complete another, and you realize ... that was not so hard.
Relaxing exhale. Relief.
You face another, and now you see there was only a handful, and not a mountain.
The chains fall, and focus is more centered. Relief.

I realize I am the only guy that can take the WORD of the day and turn it into a run on sentence ... but painting the picture that wipes away the dew on the windshield is as much for me as it is you.

I can see. And more so, I can feel. I am relieved after having finally completed a couple of important tasks. Now I feel momentum. I have stretched before the big race so to speak.

And only a couple left ... I can do this. "I think I can...I think I can... "

Good Morning,
Greater Day.
Relieved you, is a productive you.
Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, and Author to My Day.

AYD - Jan 23 - Busy day Replay

Found this one from 2014. It’s like talking to an old wise man when we reflect on posts of wisdom from before. 😁 now I have to see if I can practice what I speech.

AYD - Jan 23, 2014 - Keep It Simple

"A smile is the shortest distance between two people."
- Victor Borge

Grab it, and run with it where you may. I know someda...ys, we have to make the effort to give a smile.
Be aware of when you receive one. How do you feel?
Watch reactions when you give one. What feeling do you see?
Pick someone who needs one. More than you. Assume the feeling it creates is a good one.
Simple enuf right?
Now please....continue.

Good Morning, Greater Day.
Greater You, means a smile for someone else to receive.
Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy and Author of my Day.

Awaken Your Day - Jan 22, 2018 - Share and watch it grow.

"Yeah, well, I've got a dream too. But it's about singing and dancing and making people happy. That's the kind of dream that gets better the more people you share it with. And, well, I've found a whole bunch of friends who have the same dream. And it kind of makes us a family."
- Kermit the Frog

What is your dream?
Does it bring you Joy to think about it, and work at it?
Share your joy with those that care.
And see how your Joy, brings them Joy, for all the belief they have in you.

Opportunity Monday. Yours for the taking and Sharing.

Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You - living the dream and watching it grow.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day.

AYD - Keep It Simple Sunday - Jan 21

Simple and Effective.

 Look around you. Find a spark - something you wanted to do.
Hold the spark. 
Get energized.
Feed the spark - with action.

I am.

Good morning, Greater Day. Greater You - simply getting some action in.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day

AYD - Jan 20 - Saturday reflections.

Awaken Your Day - Jan 20, 2016

"I am returning this otherwise good typing paper to you because someone has printed gibberish all over it and put your name at the top."
- An English Professor

It is hard to get a do over with a full day - a report maybe, but not as easy with a full day. Be aware of your level of effort today - for your goals or a task - and let that awareness help you keep on track. We often dread tomorrow, knowing we have to make up the ground we somehow lost today.

Good Morning, Greater day. Greater you just flows along more efficiently.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy, and Author to my Day.

Awaken Your Day - Jan 18, 2018 - Action over Stress

"Stress can destroy much more than just our physical health. Too often, it eats away at our hope, belief, and faith."
— Charles F. Glassman

Being stressed is most often an uncomfortable feeling. We know that. And very often we are most certainly not in touch with the consequences and how to connect these dots of awareness or repair.

While there are many kinds of stress, and many kinds of cures - one thing I believe will always assist is - Action. Stress will stop us in our tracks and kill our momentum... and lack of action obviously puts us further behind, and then stress compounds. It is not genius talk here, we know this... just not always in the stressful moment.

Lack of action and movement allows the cloud of stress to grow thick and coccoon you - and thus hope, belief and faith cannot be seen or felt. We are mummified. So keep moving. Don't be an easy capture. Without tackling a specific instance or circumstance this sounds pretty generic and "easy to say harder to do". Absolutely. So keep your eyes on that spot where stress cannot breathe. The spot you need to get to in order to be free of it. What is required of you to get there?

And don't stop. Hope Faith and Belief live because you can see the spot because you didn't stop and you did not turtle to the attack.
Just keep moving.

Good morning, Greater Day. Greater You - knowing what you know and where you have to go.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day

AYD - Jan 17 - revisit Wednesday when travelling and computer not cooperating

Awaken Your Day - Jan 11, 2017 - Tell you about you

Five things you became good at after you didn't quit when you started and were not so good.
And ride that g...ood thought through any obstacles today.

Good morning greater Day. Greater You - already.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband , daddy and author to my day.

Awaken Your Day - Jan 16, 2018 - Not sure how to do this.

"Forgiveness does not exonerate the perpetrator. Forgiveness liberates the victim. It's a gift you give yourself."
- T.D. Jakes

I'm not big on it.
Still working on understanding my stand on it.
How I define it.
I don't think I look at it as "forgiving" because I have not dealt with the sound of it... it sounds like I am OKAY with the offending person, place or thing.
Nope nope nope. There are some people in this world that have done me wrong...or you... and they need what's coming to them.
Okay, so now that I have that out... I can say, cool, that is my position. I don't like them. I hope the world balances things out because these people or events are just wrong.
Okay. Now I have stated my thoughts. Done.
Done done done.
Move on.
Don't dwell.
Do not be consumed.
See what you have now, in front of you.
You survived them or that and thus you are stronger than you can see... because you can't see light or clear when all you focus on is anger.

So if you are uncomfortable with the emotional shape that "forgiveness" paints in your heart ... that is fine. We can work on it. But for now, acknowledge your feelings but do not overlook your wins because you are looking backward.

Part of "forgiveness" is simply not putting all your strength into holding the noose around the neck of a bad memory. You have a life to live. You got through some crap, don't you owe it to yourself to live in this present moment for awhile?

Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You - standing tall in spite of some tough stuff.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day.

Awaken Your Day - Jan 15, 2018 - Worth


Name, and think of the things in your life you consider to be... Priceless.

Inspiration and appreciation can find you anywhere.

Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You - taking inventory.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day

AYD - Jan 14 - Sunday Reflections

Awaken Your Day - Jan 14, 2016

"Actually I'm an overnight success. But it took 20 years!"
- Chris Brady

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

Good Morning, Greater day.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Swimmer ( with a life jacket)

Awaken Your Day - Jan 13, 2018 - A Story told begins to Unfold.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
―Maya Angelou

I would like you to imagine…it’s all about you.
Right now if you have the moment…or later when you can make time.
When you can … it’s all about you.

I want you to imagine you are in front of a room full of people … it’s your audience, they are there to see you, so you decide how big the crowd is. After all, it’s all about you.

You are nervous, I get it. I will be too, when the time comes. So to calm your nerves, find a familiar face. If it helps, imagine I am sitting there … in about row 5 and bang on center. I am there to hear you. There to support you in all you do.

All about you.

As if you are there to inspire - you and those listening - with a tale of a life you see .... tell it like you feel it inside. Give it water, give it life, voice it. Let it breathe.

Tell me ... tell you ... about the life story yet to be lived. No limitations. No wishing. No dreamy make believe. Tell your tale as IT WILL BE. How do you feel? How does it sound? Make it real. The way you want it to be.

And once you have allowed this, once you have given it a chance to be heard .... once You have heard it ... end your presentation with a display of intention. Let your audience know ( this includes you) that there is an update coming. There will be news to follow up on. Like an ending of a movie that is left open, inviting you to be anxious ... for the story does not end here.

 Leave us both wanting more. Hear it loud, "What is next?"

And now ... having enjoyed your story, and been whisked away on an energy surge of motivation to look more closely at my own ... now that we have bought into this passionate display of self belief and intention ... now we take out our complimentary workbook, and we begin...

Good morning, Great Day. Greater You ... telling an untold story of a life that is coming soon.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day.

Awaken Your Day - Jan 12, 2018 - I’m sorry. Could you repeat the question?

Sometimes all you need to find a Spark ... is a Quality Question.

Often what extinguishes that Spark is our lack of effort to explore the answer.

Hint. Hint.
What Fires you up?

Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You - studying the sparks.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day

AYD - Jan 11 - Just the reminder I needed today. I hope it brings you some value. Good Morning, Greater Day.

Re run from January 10, 2014

Word of the day - Enthusiasm.
Now go ahead. I dare you.
Write it on your hand....
Put a sticky note on your desk, or in your lunch.

I don't care how you do it.... but remind yourself today to show it. Often.
Think about it. Who, What, Where, When, Why and How ought to cover it.
With everything you do this day, and the thoughts you are planning for the weekend... add Enthusiasm to your recipe. Add it to your To Do list.
I will wash the dog with...you guessed it, Enthusiasm.
I will finish that report with ... oh, I know!!! Enthusiasm.
It is the word of the day.
And most often, without us even knowing, the most forgotten ingredient to the recipe of a great day.

Good morning,
Greater You.
Greater you, shows someone else the way too.
Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, and Author to a fantastic day.

Awaken Your Day - Jan 10, 2018 - You can, because you want to.

“You should never do something kind in the hopes of recognition. Do it because it’s right. Do it because it makes you feel good. “
- Scooter Braun

A large part of AYD is about self growth with self awareness and recognition. So I often ask you to dig deep and look at yourself in ways you may not have in order to see value we thus may not have seen.

And then use that Awakening sight.

What might we do today? What opportunity might present itself to us, so that we can do something kind? Now that we are thinking about it ... I guess we will See.

Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You - because you can.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband,Daddy and Author to my Day.

Awaken Your Day - Jan 9, 2018 - Is that all you got?

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you."-
- Fred DeVito

We could say, "Thanks Tips!" But ... just because we have heard an expression over and over, and we know it to be true by automatic response ... doesn't mean we actually connect to it and use it.

3 things in your life that put you to the test. And you are better now for them.
List those 3, and then challenge anything that comes at you today.

Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You - seeing how you already grew to be a greater you.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day.

Awaken Your Day - Jan 8, 2018 - Meaning, Meaning ... This I hope.

“I have tried to live my life so that my family would love me and my friends respect me.”
- John Wayne

I wasn’t always aware.
Aware of the ripple effect my life and decisions would have on those that were close.

I’ve learned a lot over the years. My understanding and awareness have grown. Thankfully.

So today I look upon Mr. Wayne’s comment and I can focus on today. This moment. This life we are living in the here and now. I can think of my family and those I hold close in my heart. And I can think about how I’m living this life, with a smile. I think they would say I’m doing alright by them. I need to reach out to a few of them more often but I think they can respect what I’m trying to do.

So starting your Opportunity Monday with some inner peace on the love you give and respect you have earned - might be as good as that coffee. Maybe, a good frame of mind will help it and the day become better still.

Good morning, Greater Day. Greater You - recognizing the effort to live with Meaning.
AYD-Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day.
“Are you waiting, or are you Creating?”

Awaken Your Day - Jan 7, 2018 - I know you are but .... do I ?

“It’s not differences that divide us. It’s our judgements about each other that do. “
- Margaret J. Wheatley

While we are busy with plans of betterment and change and goals etc - shall we consider this often overlooked and silent relationship killer? Judgement. Most often made worse when combined with speculation and assumption. Horrible gang of thieves these guys.

They steal rational thinking, and logic, and credibility. Common sense gets a few stab wounds along the way too.

Quite simply - when you find yourself in a situation that sparks your defensive emotions - before rushing to judgement - assess. Assess what you know about the
Why and
How things are playing out.

 The worst thing is you might come up with a more Quality Question regarding the situation. From that you may prove or disprove the judgement that was coming. But at least you can say you didn’t lose your value to the thieves before putting up a skilled attack.

Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You - using your insurance skills.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day

AYD - January 6,2018 - Simplicity for Saturday

“The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do something today that at days end you will be happy with your effort and achievement.
See? Simple right?

Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You - simply putting in the effort to be so.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day