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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Awaken Your Day - Nov 30, 2017 - This is worth some thought time.

"When I'm old, how much would I be willing to pay to travel back in time and relive the moment that I'm experiencing right now?"
- Muneeb Ali

 - Shared from Tribe of Mentors.com

Kind of stopped me in my tracks when I thought of it.
We talk often about where we have been, how that can help shape where we are ... and it might be an easy trap to get caught right in the here and now. This is one of those questions that helps us to keep moving, keep improving. To keep pushing our life experience. Not because we are not satisfied, Rather, we just need to stay aware of the idea to make each chapter in this life worth it.

And of course, I could go on and on and on ... but you get it. So let's make the day worth the price of admission - and get a story we can share for chapters to come.

Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You ... gaining value on your time spent.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day

AYD - travel rerun day. Because what I said before - still applies. Good morning. Nov 29, 2017

Awaken Your Day - Nov 23, 2016 - 15 min can change your life.

"What you do today can improve all your tomorrows."
- Ralph Marston
Don't just read it and run along your merry way.
Think about it for a second.
Making time to applying yourself to something now, brings visible benefit later. So obvious, but many of us miss it ... because we simply do not think about the need and the connection.

So let us put it in motion in a simple way. Do an experiment. Draw your attention to something you want to achieve -something you have on your list that will be beneficial when it is complete. Let's say, you need to do some reading to learn something for your career or business. Once it is learned, once you have it, you can use it for growth. Let's say reading a book on your skill.

Now, dedicate 15 min a day out of your busy day toward that. Do this for a week, or two, and you will see a lot of growth and what feels like very little expense or effort. Done right, and you should feel energized to continue with this non-invasive investment. You will feel momentum. The book is done, knowledge gained, schedule uninterrupted ... and your batteries will be charged for more. Knowledge will compound and increase skill and ability.

What we do today ...

Good morning, greater Day. Greater You ... today.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day.

Awaken Your Day - Nov 28, 2017 - In The Beginning... there was a start.

“Don’t be afraid if things seem difficult in the beginning. That’s only the initial impression. The important thing is not to retreat; you have to master yourself.”
- Olga Korbut, Gymnast – four time Olypic Gold Medallist

This can be applied to many things we do that are new to us.

But focusing on our journey of Personal Development, we sometimes need to remember that this is not a race. It can be tough, for once we find that desire to make a change, we rush in headlong with excitement only to discover some stumbling blocks…and then discouragement sets in. Often, this is the end of the path. The charge falters. And we struggle.

This is where we just need to keep in mind, that this Path was designed with many Points of Interests. Like a tourist, we have a destination, but there are many places along the way to stop and take in the sights.

Good Morning,Greater Day. Greater You ... enjoying the Journey.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day

Awaken Your Day - Nov 27, 2017 -

“Victory is not about First Place, we are victorious when we learn from the experience and improve ourselves for the next challenge.”
- Rickson Gracie, Member of the world famous Gracie family in Gracie Ju Jitsu.

As it is in sport, it is also very applicable to everyday life. I am constantly reminded each day to reflect on the lessons of yesterday to help me take the next step toward a goal, or to get through a difficult task.

Each step you take toward achievement, is a form of victory; especially if it is one more than the last attempt.

Each and every goal you set for yourself and attain, is a victory. You may not get there on the first try, but that does not diminish the achievement.

Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You - with every step.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day.

AYD - Fun Reflection. - Nov 25, 2017

Awaken Your Day - Nov 21, 2016 - Start Your Engines

"Whenever I dwell for any length of time on my own shortcomings, they gradually begin to seem mild, harmless..., rather engaging little things, not at all like the staring defects in other people's characters."
- Margaret Halsey

Psst. You.
Yes ... you. That was meant to be funny... but I bet for a second there...you thought of someone who has more screws loose than you...am I right? Huh? Oh come on... I did, and was just typing it. I know some loonie people. Lucky enough to work with some.
It's Opportunity Monday.

 Opportunity to see the week start with a jump in your step.
Any Joy you have is waiting to be shared.

 Any concerns you have are taking a step back to let you through to the starting line.
Now ... "Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin."

Good morning, Greater day. Greater You....because you choose to be.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to My Day.

Awaken Your Day - Nov 24, 2017- Let it be, and drive forward.

Original Post Sept 2007

Been a little under the weather tired the last week or so, so i hope you can forgive the reliance on old gems brought forward. This is a good one for greeting the weekend. Alll the best. ...

“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yesterday is over. Today has just begun. I will give all of my energy to this day. I will carry forward my lessons from all my yesterdays, and use them as the tools they are so that I might find all the hidden treasure that today has laid out for me.

Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You - stepping forward.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day

Awaken Your Day - Nov 23, 2017 - Hey, if you have a couple minutes...

Originally I posted this in 2007 ... came across it this morning. A bit long, big surprise, but long lasting.

There was one day last week at work that seemed like nothing was going right. I was feeling like I was surrounded by dark clouds of loose ends, and the forecast was heavy issues. Coming out of my second meeting of the day, I made it back to my office with a plan to find a way to bring it all together nice and neat for a good start for the next day.
I got back to my desk to find this piece of paper with a passage on it. I still do not know who left it, and I don’t know where they got it. I do not know who wrote it. It reminds me of an email I received once. But all in all, in a hectic day, for me to find this on my desk, I was given the feeling … that someone was listening. I liked the piece and thought you might too. Thanks to the one that left it.

What Will Matter

Ready or not, some day it will all come to an end.
There will be no more sunrises, no minutes, hours or days.
All the things that you collected, whether treasured or forgotten
Will pass to someone else.
Your wealth, fame and temporal power will shrivel to irrelevance.
It will not matter what you owned or what you were owed.
Your grudges, resentments, frustrations and jealousies will finally disappear.
So too, your hopes, ambitions, plans and To Do lists will expire.
The wins and losses that once seemed so important will fade away.
It won’t matter where you came from or what side of the tracks you lived on,
At the end.
It won’t matter whether you were beautiful, or brilliant.
Your gender and skin color will be irrelevant.
So what will matter?
How will the value of your days be measured?
What will matter is not what you bought but what you built, not what you
Got, but what you gave.
What will matter is not your success but your significance.
What will matter is not what you learned but what you taught.
What will matter is every act of integrity, compassion, courage or sacrifice
That enriched, empowered or encouraged others to emulate your example.
What will matter is not your competence but your character.
What will matter is not how many people you knew, but how many will feel
A lasting loss when you’re gone.
What will matter won’t be your memories but the memories that live in those
Who loved you.
What will matter is how long you will be remembered, by whom, and for what.
Living a life that matters doesn’t happen by accident.
It’s not a matter of circumstance but of choice.
Choose to live a life that matters.

As I said, I do not know the author. But I think that point might be, as you see the pictures that are created from each line while it stimulates your thoughts…that point might be that You are meant to be the author. The writer of your story, and the legacy you create.
Just a thought, and a good morning.

Good morning, Greater Day. Greater You ... with all that matters.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day.

AYD - visiting statements of AYD history. Yup- words are still true. Good Morning - Nov 21, 2017

Awaken Your Day - Nov 21, 2014 - This Obvious Moment

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. "
- Milton Berle
This obvious moment brought to you today by .... every successful person you know.
No big elaborate breakdown needed.
Build a door ... then open it and lay out the welcome mat.

Good morning, greater day, building momentum for your weekend.
Greater you ... can hear opportunity coming up the sidewalk.
Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, and Author to my Day.

Awaken Your Day - Nov 20, 2014 - One Skill, One Plan, Progress Continues - Repost Nov 20,2017

"Don't wish it were easier. Wish you were better."
- Jim Rohn

Facing a difficult task ? A project of some kind? A meeting, a deadline, a new job, or even parenthood?


Identify one skill that you think would help you along the way. Like Survivor, think of one comfort that you would grab hold of ... in the form of a skill ... that would make it less intimidating and easier for you to accomplish your task.

Now plan your route to get it. Only one thing to focus on, to make you better and more equipped to take on challenges. Secret - one step at a time, brings you closer to bigger and compounding successes and as you go, alot of things become easier .

Good morning, Greater day.
Greater you, is taking steps forward.
Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, and Author to my day.

AYD - Quick Saturday - Nov 18

Consider 3 things in your life worthy of a smile.
Got it?
Now go forth and show it off.
Share it.
Spread it.

One intentional display will lead to others you will never see.
Good morning.

Awaken Your Day - Nov 17, 2017 - As you say, around you shall be.

"Perfect Day!"
- Bradley Tizzard

Inspiration can find you anywhere.

As I started my day this morning, pausing to check the weather, and the news and a quick browse on Social Media, there it was. Short simple and to the point. Perfect Day.

A celebration statement by one, that can be shared and borrowed and adopted and adapted to ... by all.

A simple statement of Joy became a smile, and that thought told two friends and those thoughts told two more and before I knew how to be stressed by my pending do list waiting at the office, I too was onto this idea ... of a Perfect Day.

Millions of potential story lines to define the days before us - to get them the coveted "Perfect" stamp. It is all within you. What may you make happen today, to elate you to feel Perfect. All day or even in a tug of war moment where you steal back a foot of goodness to the Perfect side.

Perfect Day. Funny how one person's statement of family Joy, can turn into so much for someone else - just by being shared and triggering a moment of inspiration. Thanks Brad. I will try to pay it forward.

Inspiration can find you anywhere, and I believe it is always looking.

Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You - found within your Perfect Day.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day.

Awaken Your Day – Nov 16, 2017 – Word of the Day…or Week … or Asset of Success… or Main Ingredient

Word of the day – Gratitude.

Do we have it?...
Do we feel it?
Do we show it ? Display it? Or Share it?
Do we visit it ?
Do we lead with it?
Do we teach it, Pay it forward, and Supersize it?
Do we begin our day connected to it in some way?
Well, let’s see.

Good morning, Greater Day. Greater You … playing a G chord.
AYD – Pierre Couturier – Husband, Daddy, Author to my Day … Grateful to share a moment of your day.

(P.S. - I wrote this last night... got up this morning annoyed with a lot of little things ... full bus, people with just weird priorities, camp food selection ... and so on... and then I came back to this, and the opportunity to refocus, and practice what I speech.)

AYD - travel day replay. Still important. And, good morning. Nov 15,2017

Awaken Your Day - Nov 14, 2016 - You really are you know...
(Original Post - June 12, 2013)

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, ...and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
- A.A. Milne

Now.... don't just read that and run along. That is the problem with us all these days. We do not let the message sink in.
Seriously spend a few moments with yourself. Let your thoughts wrap around the words and ask yourself some internal questions ... give yourself room to see examples of where you are more than you often consider yourself to be.

You just might need to draw on one of those examples today.

Good morning, becomes a greater day. And a greater you provides a better environment for all those around you.
Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, and Author of the day.

Awaken Your Day - Nov 14, 2017 - It's a wonderful life...

( Originally emailed out in Jan 2008)
“When I was young, my ambition was to be one of the people who made a difference in this world. My hope still is to leave the world a little bit better for my having been here.
It’s a wonderful life and I love it.”
- Jim Henson

Life is a fun puzzle. At least I understand it that way now.
Funny how you can feel so lost at some points along the way,
and then something brings it together and you can see with great meaning and purpose.
We need one, to appreciate the other.

 Lost, and found.

 It is all a part of understanding our value, and the difference we can make.
I like to think that with each step I have taken,
I have left in plain view, a piece to this puzzle;
So that others may find it easier to put it all together.
It’s a wonderful life, and I am so grateful to have found it.

Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You - Just seeing the gift of life.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day

Awaken Your Day - Nov 10,2017- Found It

“It’s about being hungry to be the best version of yourself.”
- Arnold Schwarzenegger

This pretty much sums it up.
Just going to spend some time with this.

Which, I kind of already do, but with alot more words.

Good morning, Greater Day. Greater You ... being hungry for it.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day