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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Awaken Your Day - Feb 5 - Fingerprints

If you watch any kind of television, you can easily see some form of police drama, and from there you are introduced to the importance of fingerprints.

In the world of crime fighting, fingerprints are a valuable discovery at a scene. They tell a story.

Sometimes, they tell a great deal about a story.

Where the finger print is found for example, can add more detail to this priceless piece of evidence. If your print is found at a scene, it obviously tells the investigators that - you were there. Picture now the camera as it often plays out a dramatic circle around the officer, and the music tempo changes and builds our suspense, and as the camera comes around the glass is slowly lifted by the bottom and held up high by the light. The camera pans in and the light shines through, as the focus comes to rest on the beutifully clean print right there on the side of the glass. As soon as we see it our mind goes into "Ah ha!!", instantly creating our own ideas with more detail of the story, and from here, the plot thickens. You get the idea.

Should they find your print on say... a weapon that was used in the crime ... it tells them alot more about the role you played in this event. It deepens the impression you have already left behind. It makes you a suspect of foul play.

Fingerprints, marks, impressions. Proof that you were there, and sometimes exactly what you did while you were there. Most often, as it is with positive and negative comments, the negative is remembered and revisited and believed much more frequently.

In the world of everyday living, fingerprints on the heart are not much different. They are a valuable discovery into someone's story.

Now, it is hard to carry this over in a short entry, so I will have to trust that you will create the full size poster picture from the one question we need to ask ourselves.

When we look at the people who enter our lives; the people who are in our lives, how have we left our mark on them? Where will our fingerprint be found?

Can the story of how our lives crossed be traced back thru an imprint we have left visibly on their smile, or in their tears?

Patience, a helping hand, a donation, some time, a smile, or role model.
Does the evidence show you assisted this life?

Impatience, Arrogance, apathy, selfishness, bully.
Does the evidence make you a suspect of foul play?

What did we do or say or share that should have left a fingerprint, that when investigated gives evidence that we are not suspect of a crime against that person, but rather an act that cared for them? Will our imprint lead to investigators noting a story of good evidence, or bad?

When we look at the evidence of the lives we touch, will our mark, our lasting impression...our fingerprint.... will the print that tells the story of how we affected those lives, be found on a weapon? A weapon, like hurtful words, vengeful acts or disrespect.

What is the evidence we leave behind going to tell about us? What does it tell about the impact we left on that life?

Even more, what do we Want the evidence to say?

Everyday, we step out into the unknown without intention of wrong doing.
Lives touch. Stories are made.
We must make an effort, to be aware of how often we leave behind - our fingerprint.

Good morning.

Pierre Couturier
Author - "All She Is..."
The Card Connection

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Awaken Your Day - Feb 3

"Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another."
- Walter Elliott

Small goals achieved continue to spur us on. Before you know it, you are on the threshold of big goal, the one you thought you could not get to.

But with focus on the importance and value of each step, you may not have noticed that while you persevered from one to the next, you gained confidence, and momentum and when you arrived at the main goal, the trip did not feel nearly as long as you anticipated originally.

Yes, you can.

Good Morning


Monday, February 2, 2009

Awaken Your Day - Feb 2 - I can see clearly.

Have you ever read a weather report during a storm or bad weather?

The part that says, "Visibility 1 km" for example?

During bad weather, or hard times, or even just times when we are tired from pushing on into the wind, it is more difficult to see the spot we need to get to. Our vision, becomes more and more limited by an outside force.

Obviously on a clear day, or when things are going just right, we can see for miles and miles off into the distance, or into our future, to that spot we dream of. But what do we do when hard times blow thru and take away the luxury of that easy sight?

We still know that our destination is in the same place. It is still no further away than it was, we just cannot be comforted by the sight of it and use that to motivate and spur us on.

But, we saw it. We created it. We envisioned it or painted it.
We know this goal is right where we pictured it to be. This destination...this goal, still exists.
Yet, when hard times and bad weather role in to distract us, discourage us, and push us off the path, we begin to question our ability to get there. We cannot see, so we begin to lose our belief, and then ... our momentum.

If visibily is say, 1 km, and we stay in one spot, visibility will stay at .... 1 km.
But if that visibility...or faith...is 1 km, and we move forward by one step...we still may only see 1km, but now it one from the point of where we are, not where we were. Our vision is expanded, by that one wonderful step forward.

And the outlook, no matter what the weather, shows us a little different appearance.

It may be difficult, but if we press on in hard times, we are still moving toward that fixed target.
It is still there, and you must have faith in the picture you see clearly in your heart, and mind.

"In the darkness of doubt I close my eyes, and I dream in vibrant color." - Pierre

Good Morning, and onward we proceed, no matter how difficult it may be to see the path ahead.

Pierre Couturier
Author - "All She Is..."