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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Nov 8 - Foot Prints in Quicksand

I want you to be light on your feet today.
Is it wrong of me to show a demanding side?

I think not.

I believe that if you choose to share time here each day, then you have the power to make a difference...just by being you, and offering others a chance to step where you have stepped.

You all know I have a hard time believing in this Myth about Mondays and the negativity that comes so naturally with the mere thought of waking up on this day of the week. I have a hard time accepting that so many people so readily expect so little out of this gift...until I start to think that maybe they actually just expect so little out of themselves.

Should you choose to follow the lead of the uninspired, you will simply find yourself standing on their shoulders in the quicksand they seem so determined to find.

I challenge you to run to the front of the pack, and let them see you do it. Take the lead position today, and accept Monday's offer to leave the first ever known Footprint in the Quicksand. Being light and on top in your attitude will show that while you may not avoid all the draining obstacles of this weekly beginning, you can certainly avoid that sinking feeling.

Monday is an invitation to a first impression. Let others see impression, your well placed Foot Print in the Quicksand, so that they too can extend their meeting with that strong beginning.
Good Morning...and thanks for your help.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, "Da...dee", Author and Friend.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Nov 5 - Keep It Simple

"A smile is the shortest distance between two people."
- Victor Borge, 1909-2000

Sometimes, the greatest of inspiring moments, comes in the simplest of truths.
Why do we assume it is so difficult to find a moment to grow on?

Simple truth, simple gesture, great reward.

Fill in some gaps today, with a simple tool, used genuinely.

Have a wonderful day.
Create a wonderful day.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, "Da...dee", Author and Friend

Monday, October 25, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Oct 26 - The story before now reads out loud.

"Everywhere I go I find a poet has been there before me."
- Sigmund Freud, 1856-1939

Finding the beauty in the moment...understanding the meaning in some words.

There was a time in life, seemingly a long time, where I feel I did not understand the "poetry" that was speaking in many of life's experiences and little moments. And now I must say, I can read lines of rhythmic balance and flowing grace in many areas that life takes me.

I do not want to ruin where today's statement may take you personally, so I will keep my thoughts brief. To me, "Everywhere" is every new experience life leads me to, such as marriage, and fatherhood, and the journey to be an aspiring speaker. There is a poetry to it all that just feels good.

It is also "everywhere" that my thoughts travel, while searching for the treasure that is my expression, and my desire to share it while I come to understand my passions.

As I find myself growing within and expanding my understanding of just who I am and who I want to be ... I come across some thoughts and words that seem to finally 'come together' into an enlightened "poem" if you will.

In that moment, I feel as though I am walking in the footsteps of the poet that was there before me, the one whom with these words I am finding, painted the picture that now cascades thru my mind and spurs me on. The beauty of the thoughts coming together, and the passion I feel inside as I discover a hidden part of me now defined, is very much like that perfect poem, that just seems to find your day when you need it the most.

With this thought, that 'everywhere I go I find a poet has been there before me', I am much more eager to go somewhere new, to see what the poet has left for me to find. What magic might I discover today, around me and within me?

Good morning. Enjoy the rhyme.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, 'Da....Deeee', Author and Friend.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Oct 25th - The Desire To Play

"The path to our destination is not always a straight one. We go down the wrong road, we get lost, we turn back. Maybe it doesn't matter which road we embark on. Maybe what matters is that we embark."
- Barbara Hall

Embark on a journey, or a dream. Something big or something small. By now you know that I believe we can apply parallel meaning to the big ideas in our lives, and our regular day to day adventures that ultimately lead us down the path to brighter days.

So as you stand once again before Opportunity Monday - with the choices of roads laid out before you - may I encourage you not to settle. Do not play connect the dots on a piece of carbon paper from last week. Do not settle for the norm..

Today, confirm a step toward something enriching. Visit your thoughts, your dreams and those far off desires. Embark on an adventure of small sorts and just simply revisit a "someday, maybe I will... ". And then if you feel a little more adventurous again, a little more courage, like the kind that comes from Believing in yourself ... if you feel that, then maybe you can take another moment and ponder what the next step is or Could Be.

Opportunity Monday plays by pretty fair rules. It only asks that you consider joining the game.

Good morning.
Good day, and safe journey.
Bring me back a postcard.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, "Da...Deeeee", Author and Friend

Monday, October 18, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Oct 19, 2010 - Keep It Simple

"Underpromise; overdeliver."
- Tom Peters, in the Chicago Tribune

Nice and simple don't you think.
Now see how many places in your life you can apply this thought.
Where can you apply it today?

At your job, meeting a friend, playing with the kids, helping with dinner, a chore around the house, or a personal goal you made for yourself.

You stand to gain, no matter where the commitment is centered.

Start with your best foot forward today, and then keep it right out there in front of you with every following step.

Good morning, and great delivery.
Pierre Couturier
Husband, Da-Dee, Author and Friend

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Oct 14 - To Better or Not

"To try to be better is to be better."
- Charlotte Cushman, 1816-1876

For a long time, I could not understand this simple statement.
I was too burdened by looking at the overall mountain of effort it was going to take to get myself from where I was not happy to where I would be happy. In fact...I was so overwhelmed that I actually failed to even visualize what my "happy" destination looked like.

Imagine thinking about achieving success...and not realizing that while I am longing for success, the picture in my mind that was supposed to be inspiring me, was only the image of the letters...spelling, "Success". I don't even think I went so far as to "dream" the letters in vibrant, energizing color!!

Sometimes we need things told to us in the simplest of expressions.

"To try to be better is to be better."

Make an effort. There, you are now in a better place than you were. Simple enough.

First recognize where you are that you are not content with, identify with this moment, this place, this state of affairs, what ever it is you wish to be past and "better." Now, you voice it out loud...you accept this as your starting point, you admit to yourself that this is where you presently are positioned...you breath deep and accept this confession to yourself. It's okay, we have to start somewhere and we get nowhere sitting in a chair reciting the Lyrics to "Oh Woe is Me".

And now, to take control of the situation since you have embraced it... you simply take one step of effort into some form of action... you are now trying to be "better"... and in this little beginning effort ... you have achieved something I believe in very strongly.

You have just taken 51% control. You identified the issue at hand, and you took one step forward into some action... and you now have controlling interest in your solution. You have already made advancements into Better. The next step is to be happy about that, and let that energize you to take another step.

One step at a time, while you know you have controlling interest in the task at hand.
Doesn't that feel, Better?

I look forward to seeing some names registering to the 51% club. We will discuss this philosophy more in the weeks to come. It's good to be a member of this club. I like it.

Until later...good morning.
Pierre Couturier
Husband, "Da...Dee", Author and Friend

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Oct 13, 2010 - Don't Forget the Obvious

It is so easy. So easy that we all do it. Sometimes, often.
It is so easy, to forget to be thankful for some of the obvious things in our lives.
Surely we do not intend to take these things for granted. However, life's activities have a tendancy to pile on ... and our focus gets derailed somewhat...and our obvious, yet oh so important pieces get hidden under layers of "life stuff".
Even when these pieces are right there in front of us.

So I thought, since Thanksgiving was just here, I might ask you a question...
Did you just go thru the motions of another holiday, saying "Thank You" only at the table during Grace, and then rush thru the festivities...?
Did you find a moment and stop, and actually look around your life and identify a few things you are truly thankful for?
Did you pause to FEEL thankful?
Did you take but a moment to actually embrace your gratitude, and let the feelings that come with such a moment make you feel better.... like a full breath of fresh air on a cool morning.

Then I suggest we share a moment now.
You know the drill, as we have done this before, and we will do it again, for it is a simple gesture that carries alot of meaning.

I will start.

I am thankful I get to fly to work, instead of driving a treacherous hiway, for it brings peace to my wife's already worried heart...and thus, it is one less negative thing to think of while I am away.
I am thankful that each of our families, my wife's and mine, love and accept each of us fully into their lives and look at us as One. Not everyone has this comfort, and i know that many other parts of our marriage are made easier by this love and acceptance.

I am thankful for turning 40, and not feeling older.

I am thankful for every life lesson I have learned, and that I do not have an Ego that guides those lessons.

I am thankful that I like who I am, and that I don't feel I need to act like someone else to be accepted.

I am thankful that I have learned to think more rationally, instead of reactionary. It makes a difference in the quality of my moments.

I am thankful for well placed pictures that allow you to have captured a moment, and then to escape to it, as often as you like.

I am thankful that my wife taught our son to say "Daa-Deeee" and for how fast my heart beats when he smiles and runs to me.

And yes, my biggest obvious, is that I am thankful for my wife and son and every storyline that led them to be my life, and all I can do to compliment theirs.

Anyone can just easily say, "Thank you for this...and that"... but i am asking you to Feel Your Gratitude...and in so doing, you will revisit the Why of your Gratitude. Pick a few, pick many. There are no rules.

Take care.
Have a wonderful day, and Thank you...for stopping by.
See you tomorrow?

Pierre Couturier
Husband, Da Dee, Author, and Friend.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Sept 10, 2010 - Do You Hear Voices?

"None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The one time it is okay to listen to the voice in your head.

And it all ties in with believing in yourself, and your goals. Believing what that little voice is telling you; that you can achieve, you can reach forward and obtain your desires and your successes. But you must listen to that inner you that whispers while there may be other sounds trying to distract you.

We can apply this to big scale items like a goal ... or we can simplify it down to something in your daily routine, like exercise. That little whisper is your conscience and also your cheering section. Keep your focus on your "Why" and let it guide you to what you Do want for results, while you might just be feeling for the moment that you Don't want to put forth an effort.

Right now your whisper is reminding you that it is the end of the week, and you will feel even better if you finish it strong.

Good morning.
Did you hear that?

Pierre Couturier
Husband, "Da-Dee", Author, Friend
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Sept 9,2010 - Gratitude

Your word for the day, and I hope you choose to embrace it, is Gratitude.

Try to show it. Try to feel it. Try to express it so others can receive the joy from someone being grateful.

To start you off in the right direction and to get the feeling warmed up, right now without thinking alot, come up with 5 things you are thankful for.

It could be your family, someone special, the roof over your head, your job, your friends, your health or the lack of an issue or dark cloud greeting you this morning. What are YOU thankful for?

Now, if you have your five, pause for a moment.... and now, stop to think of each of your five things for a moment each. Uninterupted focussed thought, so that you can feel WHY you are thankful.

When we pause life's busy pace for a moment and actually focus on something we are grateful for, it allows us a minute to once again truly touch it, and I dare say you will be Thankful that you did.

I am thankful for you, and that you share these mornings with us here.
Have a wonderful day.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, "Da-dee", Author and Friend

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Sept 8, 2010 - No Worries

"Worry? I don't worry so much; I just figure it out."
- Larry Edward Foles

And that my friends is your wake up challenge for the day.
If you have no worries, we applaud you and challenge you to then assist others in figuring it out.

But, should you greet the day and find that a worry is trying to share your breakfast ... pause and adjust your thinking. If you redirect your energy from worrying to actually stepping back and taking another look, another angle ... you may just find a new path to overcoming the thought that is keeping you from enjoying that coffee.

Pause, identify and focus as you ask yourself, " What is the first thing i need to do to direct the this situation to a more comfortable path?"

One step leads to another, and a path may just show itself .

Have a great morning, and the rest will follow.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, "Da-Dee", Author, Friend

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Sept 2, 2010 - The Tortoise and the You

"For fast acting relief, try slowing down."
- Lily Tomlin

We do it to ourselves really. Most often we only have the reflection in the mirror to blame.
We get overwhelmed, and the biggest reason is the urgency we put onto a task or all tasks.
That urgency tenses up so many of our nerve endings at the same time, we exhaust ourselves and often find ourselves spent and wondering why we are so tired when we really have not accomplished much.

Like most energy drinks...we charge ourselves up...just to crash shortly there after, and we are twice as useless as we were before we sought our boost, or roared into action.

Try taking ten full deep breaths before you carry on any further. Don't just read " ten deep breaths"... do it. Now, and not while you are flipping your eggs, pouring your coffee, confirming the meeting, adjusting your tie, folding the laundry, washing your hair, checking the weather etc etc etc....

The key is to STOP.

Let me put it another way. That guy you swerved out to pass because he just was in your way and you were in a rush... look over to the left. That is him sitting there with you at the red light. Yes, you got there first...but look at his relaxed demeanor...and now look at your tight grip on the steering wheel. Watch him for a second. I bet he hasn't looked at his watch once.

Take a moment to collect yourself. When you feel like you are picking up speed at the cost of maintaining control, put the world on pause and take a moment to yourself.

It will all be there when you step back into play.

Good morning, and you still owe me 10 full deep breaths.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, "Da-dee", Author, Friend.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Sept 1, 2010 - And This Day is Mine

"Every morning I remind myself that I can make the choice to feel good."
- Louise L. Hay, "Affirmations"

Did you wake up this morning prestressed over a day you already anticipated would be difficult?
Did you already start off choosing to be defeated before you had even begun?
Did you lay in bed, brain mapping your anxiety?
Have you lost the race before you have even stepped up to the starting line?

Shame on you.

You are missing this grand opportunity to dress the part of the champion. To read for the lead role in the script of today.

It is not too late. The day has not seen you "unprepared" yet.
The events on the schedule, not yet unwrapped.
The contract is not yet signed.
The dots, are not yet connected.
"I"s dotted, "T"s crossed? Nope.
No commitments have been made to be miserable.
You didn't make any promises yesterday to be miserable today did you?

You are only warming up. Stretching before the starting line.
And what do we feel as we step up to the starting line? As we anticipate the sharp sound of the gun, and our heartbeat gets faster with energized emotion. We are excited. Our chest heaves as we focus on the start. "I will have a good start. So many races are Won, right at the start."

So many races are won...right at the start.

Your day today, is yours to command; right from the start. Put your good energy into that thought instead of reaching for and poking a dark cloud.

We lose so much of our energy reserves, speculating the negative that has not even occured yet. So when something happens in our day where we need just a little strength to see it clearly for what it is and to avoid the left hook, we are already too distracted to get out of the way, and too weak to attempt a counter.

Every morning, we need to remind ourselves, that we have a choice.
See you at the starting line.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, "Da-Dee", Author and Friend.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Aug 30, Triumph

"I've made the most important discovery of my career...the most important discovery of my life. It's only in the mysterious equation of love that any logical reasons can be found. I'm only here tonite because of you. You are the only reason I am ... you are all my reasons."
- John Nash - as taken from "A Beautiful Mind"

Again, I am certain that these words, like so many other meaningful expressions, are right now being interpretted in an assortment of ways. As we each trace the path from our own present circumstances to the part of us that words such as these touch, we see a multitude of ranging stories, travelling a scattering of routes and pathways.

That is the beauty of expression. It can carry so much meaning while it shares the road with others on the same quest...or while carving a road named just for you. Either way, we can all share the value it brings.

What this shares with me today is Triumph. The story itself is one of great Triumph over greater adversity. But take it one step further, and enjoy the Triumph that comes with understanding love. Being able to define your "reason". The Triump... that comes with being able to give as well as you receive. To see the effect on someone you care about so deeply, when they come to understand and feel how loved they are.

When you are able to find the logic in your "Reason"...when you are able to express understanding to yourself, this is a great day of success and Triumph.

If you feel as though you have not yet found it, please do not feel discouraged, for the journey to finding it, can be a most wonderful ride as well.

Embrace your day, your reason...and enjoy your Triumphs...all of them.

Pierre Couturier

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Getting there is Half the Fun - June 9,2010

"The reward of a thing well done is to have done it."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Think of a time when you had to tackle a task... maybe yardwork, or a school project, or a report for work ... and when you finished, you sat back and looked at it...feeling good about your efforts and your finished product.

It is always so easy when you complete a task to look at it and say, "That wasn't so bad." At the beginning, it may have appeared more intimidating for any amount of reasons...but once you got started, and you picked up some momentum, along came a wave of good feeling with your progress, and we find ourselves riding that until the task is done. We look upon our work with a good feeling, a reward because we know we applied ourselves and we made an accomplishment.

Enjoy the rewards that come with a feeling of accomplishment, no matter how small. Compliment yourself for seeing it through and completing what you started. And then... review the path you followed to get it done. Acknowledge the efforts to overcome obstacles, and make a mental note to yourself....

"I did it, and I can do it again."

Often people focus far too much on "surviving" thru a task or conflict to get thru, and they forget to acknowledge the art of accomplishment - the reward. Acknowledging this reward for a job well done, will help us see the next task for what it is, and not the burden we fear it to be.

Good Morning... and may you find many rewards.
Pierre Couturier

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Stand Up - June 8, 2010

"Only some people get what they want. Those are the people who show up to get it."
- Diane Houston

We can dream.
We can wish.
We can think positive thoughts.
We can get caught up in all the hundreds of ways to hear the same messages of success.

The common, and most often overlooked, element in succeeding in achieving what we want -

As I have said before, When Opportunity knocks... you still have to get up to answer the door.

Good Morning.... Time to get up the courage to Show Up.

Pierre Couturier

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Hey, Head Up!! - June 3, 2010

"May I never miss a sunset or a rainbow because I am looking down."
- Sara June Parker

A simple comment.
Now allow it to take you further.
Another deep well of awareness awaits if we but give it two minutes of thought.
Two minutes of thought that could slowly, lift your chin for the rest of your day...and as we know, the chances of a brighter day increase with every degree that we raise our chin, our view, our attitude and our awareness.

I cannot see what rewards await me, if I am lower my attention to dwell on the many faces of defeat.

( Defeat: temporarily giving in to adversity - Faces: a cold, a rainy morning, being tired, or any other reason we choose to step forward into a brand new day with our head hung low before we have even allowed this day to present it's argument for a generous start.)

Good Morning. May we have this in common.

Pierre Couturer

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Awaken Your Day - That which does not encourage me, Can make me stronger. June 2, 2010

"What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity."
- J. Sidlow Baxter

Books upon books upon books have said it.
You can spell it out in a vast array of expressions.
It is not what we encounter or what happens to us, it is how we respond.
A difficult time or obstacle can stop you, or it can spur you on.
You can feel defeated and surrender more valuable energy,
Or you can see reason in the moment, grasp it like a "How Not To" manual and overcome the moment as you move past it with new knowledge and awareness.

The taste of the victory will be much sweeter when you have the sense of accomplishment to reflect on. It is not the mountain we still have to climb that we need concentrate on, it is the victory of the steps we have successfully taken.

I look off into the distance to my goal...it is a journey away. I take a step. I look up again, and I realize... it is closer than the last time.

Opportunity is much like inspiration...it can find you anywhere...as long as you are open to accept it.

Good Morning.
Pierre Couturier

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Awaken Your Day - The Time Is Now - June 1, 2010

"You pile up enough tomorrows and you'll be left with nothing but a bunch of empty yesterdays. I don't know about you, but I'd like to make today worth remembering."
- Meredith Willson

Think about it.

Are you Waiting? Or are you Creating?

Good Morning, Good Choices.
Pierre Couturier

Monday, May 31, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Pick Your Influence - May 31, 2010

"Keep away from small people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."
- Mark Twain

They surround us, sadly. People who take away our good energy. This is not a pessimistic thought. Not a negative beginning. This is awareness. And when we are aware of it, we can better respond when we see the proof of it rise up around us.

"Small" people impact our day. Little attitudes, little negative comments, little drains on your view of the good that is also around you. And we best combat it, by not being open to it. Be on your game right now, from moment one on a Monday morning - when many of us are the most vulnerable to a "small" influence that takes charge of our whole week, without a definable moment for us to identify until it is too late.

Great people around us, are a gift to grab onto. Start your day, your week, off right by making a contact with them, and being on that team. Watch your day get better right before your eyes...and you in turn could just become that "great" influence to someone little...needing to break out themselves.

Good Morning

Pierre Couturier

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Enjoy the Journey - May 18, 2010

“I really do believe that all of you are at the beginning of a wonderful journey. As you start traveling down that road of life, remember this; There are never enough comfort stops. The places you’re going to are never on the map. And once you get that map out, you won’t be able to refold it no matter how smart you are.

So forget the map, roll down the windows, and whenever you can, pull over and have a picnic with a pig. And if you can help it, never fly as cargo.”
- Kermit the Frog

It doesn’t have to come from Dr. Phil to make sense. Read it again…and take it in, for what you determine it to mean.
Sometimes the best messages are hidden in the simplest places.
A place where a child could find it … or an adult should.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Happy Birthday to our great friend, supporter and Entrepreneur – Jason S.

Pierre Couturier –
Author – “All She Is…”
Lifepath Mentor

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Awaken Your Day - May 12 - Pick A Miracle

"Miracles: You do not have to look for them. They are there, 24-7, beaming like radio waves all around you. Put up the antenna, turn up the volume - snap...crackle...this just in, every person you talk to is a chance to change the world..."
- Hugh Elliot

Inspiration can find you anywhere, if you let it.
Opportunity can be knocking, if you are not too busy listening intently to the Grey of the Clouds to hear it.

It is not greed, to want to absorb the best of every moment you encounter in your life.
It is not silly either to talk about it...want it, look for it or reach for it.
Chance encounters create pathways that we may never have found. Encounters with people, encounters with circumstances.
You see it all the time in your t.v. shows ... or in interviews with successful people, or lover's telling a fairytale story.... those famous words - "This never would have happened if I hadn't..."

Miracles are not restricted to religion. Nor are they always financial, or strictly health related.

Miracles are all around you. They dress up to look like an assortment of life's moments. And I think they wait.
They wait to see if we are looking ... they wait to see if we believe. And then they introduce themselves, and create one of those special stories everyone loves to hear.

It is not greed, to want to absorb the very best of each and every moment you encounter in your life. Put up your antenna, turn up the awareness. Any moment you could meet a Miracle - hoping you notice so it can say ...

Good Morning.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, Father, Author.

Awaken Your Day - The C Word - May 11,2010

"I am looking for alot of men who have an infinite capacity to not know what can't be done."
- Henry Ford

My first recruit is the little man now sleeping in the next room. Our 14 month old son…is right at that point in his dream creation career, where new adventures come constantly. From taking a few steps, to almost running, or conquering climbing a stool to sit all by himself with a “Ta Da” grin – watching him defy “Can’t” is …well, simply a humbling and wonderful experience.

I watch his actions, often prompted excitedly by Sandra, my wife, and at this age I am rewarded with witnessing the quick progression he has to understanding and figuring things out. His thought mechanics are beginning to turn gears in his tiny mind so much more now, and I get to share his successes in facial expressions, and his determination in repetition of a task that has peaked his interest.

Repitition…not abandonment of a task. Determination.

I admire him. For he knows nothing of this disease “can’t”. he just tries and tries again…and when he succeeds it is a wonderful treat to see this little smile turn into a beaming ray. The joy from his victory warms the whole house. And it lightens the heart to see him so sure of himself as his little walk shows a “yup I did it” confidence.

I want to go back to not knowing what can’t be done.

That is part of this journey we face when we set out on a goal. "There is nothing I cannot do in order to achieve this dream"…and somehow, when I need more inspiration than my achievements or leaders and books and motivational people can provide…when I need that like minded environment to help me keep my edge, I will sit and watch the expert, right there in the playroom…as he masters yet another curiousity…and he smiles at me…

Good Morning…and may you never know…what can’t be done.

Pierre Couturier
Father, Student, Husband
Author, "All She Is..."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Beginning Day - May 10, 2010

“Don’t be afraid if things seem difficult in the beginning. That’s only the initial impression. The important thing is not to retreat; you have to master yourself.”
- Olga Korbut, Gymnast – four time Olypic Gold Medallist

This can be applied to many things we do that are new to us.
But focusing on our journey of Personal Development, we sometimes need to remember that this is not a race. It can be tough, for once we find that desire to make a change, we rush in headlong with excitement only to discover some stumbling blocks…and then discouragement sets in. Often, this is the end of the path. The charge falters. And we struggle.

This is where we just need to keep in mind, that this Path was designed with many Points of Interests. Like a tourist, we have a destination, but there are many places along the way to stop and take in the sights.

Good Morning Monday - Not a difficult beginning.

Pierre Couturier –
Lifepath Mentor
Author – “All She Is…”

Friday, May 7, 2010

Awaken Your Day - A Mirror tells a Story, May 7 2010

“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
- Marcel Proust

How do you see yourself?

One of the greatest joys I have discovered on this voyage, my quest to Personal Prosperity Development, is simply how I see myself. How I have come to clearly see what qualities I had hidden, waiting to be…discovered.

In many ways, I feel like a large clean canvas – waiting for the artist’s brush. And the beauty of this thought, is that I never knew I could paint. I closed my eyes one day, and then I opened them to this person I had somehow never met.

My voyage led me down a jungle path to say the least. But it feels like an adventure as I discover my self hidden treasures. Within me I have found Passion, Belief, Confidence ( THAT was a great day ). I have found Desire and a Mission. I have Purpose. I have the power to create my destiny.

My old eyes did not see these things. These pieces of me, all the while, waiting to be found so that I might use them to uncover more of what this glorious life has to show me. So that I could see this life’s landscape with new eyes.

How do you see yourself? Are you confident that you have considered all that you have within you?

I challenge you this morning, to look at yourself with new eyes. I give you a clean canvas. And now … paint your portrait or the landscape of your life – using Only every quality you possess.

Close your eyes to the doubts and questions of yesterday. Open them this morning.
I believe your Voyage is well under way.
Enjoy your weekend. Spend some time on you.

Pierre Couturier –
Author – “All She Is…”
Lifepath Mentor

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Butterfly Effect - May 6, 2010

Coming to the end of our "History Sessions" soon...and moving into New thoughts for New Days shortly. Hope you have enjoyed revisiting some of AYD beginning sessions these last few weeks, and you are ready to take on new Awakening moments to chart your energy thru your days.

“How do we change the world? One small act of random kindness at a time.”
- Morgan Freeman, as God, in the movie ‘Evan Almighty’

Inspiration can find you anywhere. It helps if you are open for business.

Some nights I over-think my work. Last night after dinner my wife and I sat down to relax and enjoy a movie together. While I did bring some notes to the room so I could look them over, I actually didn’t do anything but kick back and enjoy the movie and the time to ourselves. And then, a simple line I know I have heard somewhere before, comes in at the time in the movie when it all comes together. “One small act of random kindness at a time.”

A score of reflections and memories came to me of times when I did something little for someone and I felt good remembering the gesture. And then more memories came to me of times when some stranger did something extra for me, and I felt good remembering the gesture.

It takes very little effort to make a difference. Ponder how great the difference can be if more of us made the same little effort.

Have a great morning.

Pierre Couturier –
Lifepath Mentor
Author – “All She Is…”

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Oops, a bit redundant. - May 4, 2010

“Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never lose sight of your goal. Prepare yourself in every way you can by increasing your knowledge and adding to your experience, so that you can make the most of opportunity when it occurs.”
- Mario Andretti, Race car Driver

Not everything goes according to plan. That is fine. Often an obstacle jumps out at you like some little creature on a video game, or a ghost in a twisted suspenseful movie.

“AAgghhh ! I didn’t see that coming !”

It is not the end of the trip. You do not have to start all over. All is not lost. As we will repeat over and over again – One step at a time.

Even if you must here the clichĂ©, “Slow and steady wins the race,” keep in mind that any forward movement is toward your goals. That forward movement includes increasing your knowledge and awareness of your destination. Even reinforcing your energy by reviewing how far you have come on your journey – it matters too. It counts.

A weekend stands before you. I suggest you enjoy it in every way possible … and I expect that enjoyment to include you taking a couple of steps of any kind toward your desires.

Circumstances may interrupt you, but if you stop cold … that is your choice.

It is a good morning – hold on for the ride.

Pierre Couturier –
Lifepath Mentor
Author – “All She Is…”

Monday, May 3, 2010

Awaken Your Day - One Step , May 3, 2010

“The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting goals and achieving them. Even the most tedious chore will become endurable as you parade through each day convinced that every task, no matter how menial or boring, brings you closer to achieving your dreams.”
- Og Mandino, author.

We have already shared this philosophy on some of our other mornings. Worded differently and from some other respected opinion. But what better comment is there to revisit at the start of our work week? One goal at a time, big or small, begins with one step at a time. Progress is to be your focus. The road that lays before you for any task you face, any goal you wish to achieve, can be so much more exciting for you to tackle, when you look behind you and celebrate HOW FAR YOU HAVE ALREADY COME.

You are well on your way to opening some doors in Opportunity Monday.
Good Morning

Pierre Couturier –
Author – “All She Is…”

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Awaken Your Day - You Might Just Be... - April 29, 2010

“To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.”
- Josephine Billings

Just a thought. Someone appreciates you.
Take a moment and appreciate that as an accomplishment that gives value, and thus to you should be, valuable.

Good Morning.

Pierre Couturier –
Author – “All She Is…”
Lifepath Mentor

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Getting in Motion - April 28, 2010

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”
- Will Rogers

Success is your destination.
Success in anything you desire.
You think of something you want and you follow that with a step toward it.
And another.
And another.

A new job.
A new car.
A dream of riches.
Or…to simply have a good Wednesday in a busy week.

Your train is coming. Is today the beginning of the ride of your life?

Good morning.

Pierre Couturier –
Lifepath Mentor
Author – “All She Is…”

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Yes you can - April 27, 2010

"Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so."
- Belva Davis, Award Winning Journalist

I read this quote this morning, and I am reminded of so many little clips of solid, and inspiring advice that attach themselves to the feelings this simple statement brings. I could go on and on about the meaning here, and how to not get discouraged by the work ahead of us when we identify our dream, and begin down the road to reach it.

Let the words take you on a mental journey. Go over the ground you will cover from thought to action to achievment. Do not dwell or stall your progress with mental thoughts of obstacles you may encounter. And remember, these ideals are not just for your long term goals. They can be applied to something you are encountering just today.

I am 90 days away from a life milestone. I reach 40, in 90. I have been afraid of the space between my dreams and my present reality...until I take the time to remember that I too create my reality. The space is just one easy to achieve step at a time.

Join me on my progressive journal as I begin to quicken the pace. 40 in 90 and I must do something productive each and every day.

Good Morning...And away we go.

Pierre Couturier

Monday, April 26, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Believe Big - April 26, 2010

Finally this morning we come to part three of developing the power of belief. Guide three to acquiring and strengthening your power of belief in your own success.

3. Believe Big. The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success. Remember this, too ! Big ideas and big plans are often easier – certainly no more difficult – than small ideas and small plans.

Want a recap?
Nice and easy – sure and purposeful.
Think success, don’t think failure.
Remind yourself regularly that you are better than you think you are.
Believe Big.

Once again, keep in mind, these guidelines are something you practice to boost your self awareness. Little by little, you will start to adopt them more and more. And then…these pieces of your puzzle, make it easier to find the other pieces … and a picture takes shape.

I have had to practice these myself, and I will continue to work them into my checklist.

Have a great day – because it is yours to have.

Pierre Couturier
Lifepath Mentor
Author – “All She Is…”

Friday, April 23, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Successful Belief Part 2 - April 23, 2010

This morning is short and sweet and to the point. We give you part two of the guide to acquire and strengthen your power of belief in your success.

2. Remind yourself regularly that you are better than you think you are. Successful people are not supermen. Success does not require a super-intellect. Nor is there anything mystical about success. And success isn’t based on luck. Successful people are just ordinary folks who have developed belief in themselves and what they do. Never – yes, never – sell yourself short.

This, is something I can share with you from the heart. This is something I was guilty of doing for a long time. And now I understand that this is part of the action you must take on your journey. Not selling yourself for less than you can achieve, you are acting for your benefit. Seems obvious but a lot of us still do it. Becoming aware of Not doing it, this counts as a step forward.

You can think positive, you can be positive…and this little guide is filler to help you stay on course. This is liner notes on the script of your goals and dreams of success of any kind. These little pieces of wisdom are part of the glue that holds you together while you are building all you want to be.

It is a day to remember, when you start to discover, and then accept, what you are truly capable of.

Pierre Couturier
Lifepath Mentor
Author – “All She Is…”

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Successful Belief - April 22, 2010

You have heard me discuss how very important it is to believe in yourself and in your dreams. In the next few days I would like to share something with you from “The Magic of Thinking Big”, by David J. Schwartz. I would like to share with you three guides to acquire and strengthen your power of belief in your success.

1. Think Success, don’t think failure. At work, in your home, substitute success thinking for failure thinking. When you face a difficult situation, think, “I’ll win,” not “I’ll probably lose.” When you compete with someone else, think, “I’m equal to the best,” not “I’m out-classed.” When opportunity appears, think “I can do it,” never “I can’t.” Let the master thought “I–will-succeed” dominate your thinking process. Thinking success conditions your mind to create plans that produce success. Thinking failure does the exact opposite. Failure thinking conditions the mind to think other thoughts that produce failure.

And that my friends is where your success begins. You cannot sell yourself short. Begin today to alter how you approach things. Gather up more of this approach in your everyday activities and build up your belief.
Failure thoughts, are doubtful thoughts, and those lead to apprehension and then hesitation and then you may not realize it, but you deny yourself the ability to give your best effort.

Have a successful day.

Pierre Couturier
Father, Husband, Author, Life Student

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Awaken Your Day - No Settling Here - April 20, 2010

“I’m not willing to settle for less than I can be, or feel, or do, or experience in my life!”
- Anthony Robbins, World Class Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

Mr. Robbins says that people who live with passion, say this to themselves. A lifestyle you take on.

You try it.

Say it out loud.
It sounds good.

Say it.

Hear it.

Feel it.

Trust it.

Believe it.

I dare you.

A new day has Awakened. Do you know where your motivation is?
Let’s get started.

Pierre Couturier
Lifepath Mentor
Author – “All She Is…”

Monday, April 19, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Believe - April 19, 2010

“Believe in yourself, and there will come a day when others will have no choice but to believe with you.”
Cynthia Kersey

How many times have we heard this expression? Maybe it was worded differently, but I bet it was spoken by a number of different people who have crossed our paths.

It is the start of many great things to come your way. You will find this in financial inspiration books, and personal motivation books, as well as spiritual and leadership guides of all types. Salesman and teachers and businessmen and counselors. Look to your heros. I can safely say somewhere, from all those people and in all those books, you will find reference to Believing in You.

Take a moment this morning, to sit back and focus on your accomplishments. Pretty impressive.

Start with Believing in Yourself, and it will be with ease that you
Awaken Your Day.

Good Morning
Welcome to Opportunity Monday

Pierre Couturier

Friday, April 16, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Actions and Words - April 16, 2010

“After all is said and done, a lot more will have been said than done.”
- Author Unknown

I was reminded of this little comment while I attended a very informative training seminar this last weekend. From the seminar, I carried away with me volumes of priceless information in my head and in my notes. One of those pieces of information made it much simpler for me to also stay reminded, that for a long time this little quote described me fully. I like to think that I am making distinct progress, but still the instructor put it in a way that should assist me in making great strides to put that bad habit fully behind me.

Many of us follow this pattern. Let’s see if you recognize it.

We get an idea…or feel a desire…and what do we do?

We talk about it.

We think about it.

We want it.
We plan for it.

We hope for it.
We wish for it.
And we dream about it.

What don’t we do?

ACT on it.

You would think that with all those things we DO,
that the positive Rewards that we Envision as we DO them,
would make us more excited for the rewards and then we would just
take ACTION toward our desire.
But for some reason, far too many ideas and desires falter and dissipate right here.

If we look at it in this way, we really only have one thing left to do to move toward attaining that which we desire. We have already taken 7 giants steps … reach inside, push the “Believe” button … and take just one more.

Even when opportunity knocks, you still have to get up to open the door.
There is a lot more to come on this little word that defines all of our results.

It is a good morning. It is a time for Action.

Pierre Couturier
Lifepath Mentor
Author – “All She Is…”

Thursday, April 15, 2010

AYD - Victory Is One Step Forward - April 15, 2010

“Victory is not about First Place, we are victorious when we learn from the experience and improve ourselves for the next challenge.”
- Rickson Gracie, Member of the world famous Gracie family in Gracie Ju Jitsu.

As it is in sport, it is also very applicable to everyday life. I am constantly reminded each day to reflect on the lessons of yesterday to help me take the next step toward a goal, or to get through a difficult task.

Each step you take toward achievement, is a form of victory; especially if it is one more than the last attempt.
Each and every goal you set for yourself and attain, is a victory. You may not get there on the first try, but that does not diminish the achievement.

Good morning.

Pierre Couturier –
Lifepath Mentor
Author – “All She Is…”

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

AYD - No Criticism Zone - April 14, 2010

"Don't be distracted by criticism. Remember the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you."
- Zig Ziglar, Author and Speaker

Part of my enjoyment with AYD, is when i come across someone else's words, that bring together so many loossely related thoughts of my own... all into one nice little package of what i have been trying to phrase but could not bring together. And then, that previously elusive, understood expression...becomes mine forever. And now, ours to share.

Many times I wondered how to react within my own power, when I get unjustly criticized. Often, I found myself giving in, and allowing the power to shift from my domain, from my learned inventory, to those who did not earn it. Later, I would lose twice, for i realized too late what I had done, and then I was knee deep in self criticism for allowing someone else to take away my hard earned value. Negative, attracts more negative.

I would like you to keep that thought in mind, for anyone who makes an attempt to criticize your dreams, or you as a person.

"Remember the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you."

You know your successes and your achievements. You are armed with your earned Self Respect. An dyou need to ask yourself, and make sure you stand up for yourself, when you ask this very simple question....

"Is there any room for this person's junk on my list of success?"
"Do I have room for this hitchhiker on the trail I am blazing with my desires, and my determination for achieving my goals?"

I will tell you straight up - on your adventure...on your climb...on your quest...with your personal development, the burden of criticism can become a very heavy, exhausting back pack. Did you pack for this trip, or did someone else?

"Remember the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you."

So continues our Victim or Victor series.
You have a choice to make with the value of your time and effort.
Victim? Or Victor?

Stand and ignite your light - so the critics can no longer speak out of turn from the safety of arrogant darkness. Or, you allow them to blindfold you, casting you into darkness, and leading you away from a treasure they don't believe exists.

My fellow Achiever, My fellow Believer - You are much stronger than that.

Good Morning

Pierre Couturier

Monday, April 12, 2010

AYD April 13 - Everybody Loves A Comeback

It doesn't have to be the bottom of the ninth, down by 3, bases loaded, three balls and two strikes.

It doesn't have to be the last time out with 2 seconds on the clock and only one shot left.

It does not have to be rags to riches, or an all nite cram to get a final exam B+ so you can graduate.

Nor does it have to be that full recovery from life threatening cancer, although that one is always special.

The point is, that it does not have to be earth shattering, news making, nation wide thrill generating circumstances to give value to or define your Comeback.

It can have far more meaning, and be far more personal, far more familiar ... and still make all that impact - to you.

Everybody loves a Comeback.

Especially if it is back, to your fullest potential.

Let's try this again, shall we?

Good morning. Glad to be back, and nice to see you.

Pierre Couturier