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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Awaken Your Day - Sept 10 - Parallel Lessons

I had thought of finding some awe inspiring quote this morning to just poke the bear of your thoughts so as to wake some inspiration from hibernation. The desired effect being that you are still running around at about 10 a.m. on some inspired train of thought.

Nothing sprang to me.

However, in running around I stumbled across a realization. Not a new one; and maybe that is why it stuck with me this morning.

We often are not fully aware of how we can parallel many of the little lesson "encounters" we have in our lives. For example, this last weekend I was very happy to find out that a member of our family, a teacher, has used my book, "All She Is...", in her classroom. I am not fully aware of exactly how yet but in some interpretive study of poetry, and she commented on the responses she has been getting. How thrilled I was and honored that she found some value in something I created to use with her students. I felt recognized, and I felt good about what I had accomplished.

In going over this thought on the drive home, I was jumping from one thought to the next until I recalled that at work, part of our companies recognition program is an employee satisfaction survey. One of the questions is if you have been recognized somehow in the last 7 days from someone at work for the job you do. Have you received recognition in the last 7 days.

I felt I had just received that for my personal life thru someone using my book for a greater good. And I tripped over the parallel opportunity.

Have I recognized someone in my life recently ? Have I expressed care and gratitude for their efforts of any kind and have I mentioned that they are in our thoughts or we wish them well or good luck with something they are tackling.

I was given a gift that something I had created had value that could be shared.
I recognized how I felt from that.
And another lesson from a different part of my life reminded me to share the feeling by giving it away the same way, our friend and family, the teacher, had done for me.
Parallels in the lessons are all around us.
Like inspiration that finds you anywhere, we just need to be gracious and ready to open a door to opportunity of all kinds.

Good morning, and may someone hear from you today, in a way that inspires them to voice to another, some value they possess. And then let the world wonder on the mystery of why so many people are having a good day.

Pierre Couturier

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