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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Awaken Your Day - Oct 8 - Imagination

Do you daydream?

Somehow, I think I have asked you this before, and I believe I said then that I bet you do.
You should. I feel it is healthy; or it should be.

Aside from those times when we may catch ourselves playing out an act where we finally stand up for ourselves in some scenario that is the "I wish" of a conflicting situation we are experiencing in our lives - I do believe that daydreaming carries alot more pleasant visions and is a constructive part of our working things into good shapes in our mind's eye.

Plugging in the numbers.
Checking the angles.
Planning our route.
Setting our goals.

All part of a wonderful tool that we often do not remember is a wonderful asset - Imagination.

"Tell you, it was just my imagination. Running away with me."
- Temptations, "It's Just My Imagination"

I know for certain that I run away with my imagination many times a day. Not always aware of it at the time, but the trips are there.

The trick is to tap more into the good exploration department than the negative. It is quite easy to get carried away anticipating a conflict from some part of our day, and then our imagination runs with the negative until we get all worked up and then run into a bad relative - speculation.

Let's not go there. No really - together we need to say, "Let' s not go there".

Today, in the same pattern as the 100 day Challenge that I am enjoying, I would like to put out there a little task of our own.

Use your imagination.

Where do you want to be in a couple years? Run with it.
What does it feel and look like to have that project you are working on done?
What does it look like to have a clean house? Feels good I bet.
What does it look like around you, when you calmly saw the way to a bit more financial ease?
What does it look like to celebrate achieving some goal you have held close for awhile now?
Where would you be right now, if you achieved financial comfort and were doing what you wanted with your talents and unlimited power?

The list goes on.
Key here is for us to tap into the feelings and joys that come with imagining, and feeling the way we do and will, when we get to this good moment we have imagined.

Got it yet?
Use your imagination, to fuel your fire, to ignite your action today - to identify a place or goal, and to set your course to get to it. Feel the passion now, for the story and success that your imagination shows you. Feel the passion now, that you will achieve then.

And then...grab onto your desire, and your belief...and enjoy the tour.

It is Wednesday, and I can only Imagine what I can shape this day to be.

Good morning.

Pierre Couturier
Author - "All She Is..."
CEO, Prosperity Designers Inc.

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