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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

AYD - June 14, 2012 - Little by Little

Little by little.
Just a little commitment, and then the same, a little attention and then the same.  I do not have to take great leaps.  I do not have to apply unnecessary pressures to take big steps that leave me unbalanced, or not feeling ready for my next.
Little by little, and I will achieve my greatness.  I will achieve my goal, and when I do I will gather in more confidence, and this in turn will offer me ... a little more of each of my steps that led me to it.

As I revisit this passion of being here each morning, and as I rekindle my expression and need for it, I find my thoughts once again running on the familiar paths that I had carved out some time ago.  I find I am discussing my beliefs in AYD and in the philosophy we share here.  I am finding my like minded self, which I had hidden behind busy on the second shelf behind urgency and clutter.

Little by little I am reinventing this specific happy place, and once again moving forward to a desire that had shown itself to me.  I feel I am getting stronger, and growing wiser within the dream.  I am able to feel it again, even if it is just for me.

And such it is with any of us, and any of our goals that we may have put on pause.  It just takes a little attention, to a few little details, and slowly you can feel the pieces of the original puzzle start to make their way back to the center of the canvas.  Paint strokes of the pictures we created in our mind start to brighten again, and we pay more attention.  Little by little. 

If you take the time to slowly retrace each element of a dream you just you just let sit to the side, remember each piece of your previous efforts ... you get the enjoyment of the rush again. 

Reliving is fun. Revitalizing is rewarding.

Think not of why you stopped dreaming or working toward that which made your heart beat stronger.  Just pick up where you left off.  Run your mind around it again, little by little.

Now ... no pressure.  No push plans to make up for lost time.

Enjoy the focus.  Feel the passion.  And begin again, with just a little.

Have a wonderful day.
Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, Author, And still a believer.

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