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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

AYD - June 7, 2012 - Out of the Blue, A Smile

"If a man does not make new acquaintances as he advances through life, he will soon find himself alone. A man should keep his friendships in constant repair. "
- Samuel Johnson, 1709-1784

I truly love to find advice from a period in life that we have never experienced, and yet the advice is just as true and effective now as it was then.  I feel these are some of our life's absolute truths.

In the last couple of weeks, I have been fortunate enuf to get in touch with no less than 5 old friends and coworkers.  All of these people and I shared moments that are positive reflections to be remembered fondly.

I think today, I will have to skim thru my old email addresses...send out an invitational "Hello, how have you been?", and see if I can brighten a day other than my own.

Whose voice would you like to hear?  Who would like to hear from a memory you created?

Good Morning.

Pierre Couturier
Happy Husband, Blessed Daddy, Author and Long Long Friend

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