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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

AYD - Jan 29, 2014 - Smile Loudly So Everyone Can Hear

“A boo is a lot louder than a cheer.”
- Lance Armstrong

Sadly, a negative comment will outrun a supportive comment almost every time.

Negative will knock on more doors in an election campaign, it will generate more emotional response and it will  most certainly sell more copies of some tabloid magazine that Mr. Happy Ending, White Weddings or World Peace.

For me, it is the 8th Wonder of the World.  To put it simply .... Why?

There was a time in my heart when I fought to understand the complexity of why the masses could not adopt the simplicity "one random act of kindness at a time, can change the world."  Why do so many thrive on unnecessary drama, or why do we look to find the dark cloud in a blue sky, just so we can feel correct when we say, "Ain't gonna last."

All great mysteries have a simpler beginning.  Or at least, today I say they do.  I have often said that it is very intimidating when we look at our goals in their entirety for they appear to be a Mountain when we have but just stepped up to the starting line.  So again, let us find the end of the string right here, well within in our capabilities to tackle and win over.  Let's grab the shirt tails of Negative as it tries to push us aside in the hall at work to win over our day ... to get to our Start before we can.

" A boo is a lot louder than a cheer."  So .... don't "boo".  Really.  Don't just turn the volume down.  Don't just close the door to Mary's office while you "Boo" Bob in accounting.  Instead ... Don't Boo. 

Don't Boo.  Don't Boo Hoo.  Don't whine, don't bitch don't moan.  About someone, something or what you shoulda , coulda, woulda.  Don't hit the Play button and others won't have to deal with "Boo" drowning out The Sound of Music. 

Today - make one conscious effort to stop before you start, or catch yourself at the beginning of a Boo, and stop it.  Turn it around. Yes this is a two part challenge.  Stop the Oops, and then think or recite something more of a cheer.  The old Switch-a-Roo.  You Boo me and I cheer you. ( yes...a little cheese goes a long way... shhhh).

You do not have to like everyone or everything, but you do not have to give up Cheer energy by expressing Negative for no good or gain.  We boo, because it is easy.  There is a ton of support for it, so we are comfortable joining in the with the Choir and raising the sound level.  We might only be one voice, but if not part of the solution....

We don't cheer as much because we often feel like the only one.  So ... how do we reverse that?

Hello.  Good Morning.
A greater you ...( fill in the blank).

Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, and Author to my day.  Cheering section captain for my wife, son and all those things I sometimes take for granted.

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