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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Awaken Your Day - May 18, 2017 - Stormy Times and You Are Here

"... this too shall pass."

Wandering through thoughts of some tough situations recently, looking for a roadmap or a connect-the-dots to help some things make sense. Even that wonderful X marks the spot and the nice red letters proclaiming "Your Are Here" would be great, so we can take a breath, feel the ground beneath our feet and have a beginning point amid the storm we find ourselves in.

Navigating through life isn't always easy. We all have a plan until something punches us in the gut. Be it a day, a situation or something close to our hearts. It's hard when tough times make no sense. And when things happen that don't make sense, desperate thoughts become a tornado whipping around us all day, hoping to rein in the calm that was our safe haven not so long ago.

Regain your vision.

Try to control the temperature of the current happenings and see if we can find our perspective. What is this compared to the grand picture? What I feel right now is a product of the moment - and it is surprise, disappointment, startled, and scared from an unplanned part of a day. It is not a representation of every moment of every day. Nor is my current situational storm that surrounds me.

Pause. Regain our vision.
We have the tools to think clearly. We know, with our hands on that this too shall pass, because after a deep breath, I can see it ... the moment, and the sign clearly says, "You Are Here."
And we begin.

Good morning, Greater Day. Greater You - Just rubbing a sore gut, and then moving forward.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy, and Author to my day ... looking for X on the map.

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