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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Awaken Your Day - July 16, 2017 - Celebrate

Inspiration can find you anywhere. We are fortunate enough to have family and friends who have found success and happiness - chased a dream and have caught it ( or are still chasing but enjoying the chase).

Yesterday I heard a little inspiring news about a friend of ours, Sean. Among other big changes in the last couple years, recently he made a decision to look into a dream he had of acting. He went to a casting call, and not on...ly landed a part, but got the lead role in short indie film! The big story is that he followed up on a dream. He took the critical first step and was rewarded by his own courage. Needless to say, very happy for him, and inspired by his taking that step.

Today I take some time and think about this story, each of our family members whom are all creating moves and reasons to celebrate in their lives - and many friends and their growing successes and / or adventures they are deciding to follow up on.

We are blessed to have many examples around us of success in following your heart, your passions and just believing in ourselves. There are so many reasons to feel inspired, as we look close to home to those who we care about, and celebrate in their achievements of finding happiness. Be happy for them, and grateful you get to applaud them.

Good morning, Greater Day. Greater you - surrounded by a successful blanket of inspiration.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day.

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