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Monday, October 16, 2017

Awaken Your Day – Oct 7, 2017 – Do You Check In?

When you were young, your parents probably had a curfew for you. And some would have asked you to “check in” sometime before your curfew. It was a status check for them. An emotional and security touch point. And, a point where they could alter the plan if needed.

If you have taken management training, you may recall as part of the soft skills, they recommend you do a “check in” with your staff – where you strike up a conve...rsation first thing in the day and casually talk about what is “good and not so good” in your day so far. We avoid the word “bad” as that often dictates focus and becomes harder to move past with that label.

It is a good tool, this “check in” and sadly we do not use it often enough just with ourselves. A morning check in should be part of routine. A recognition point ... where we can alter the plan - or the path of the day - where needed. ( psst...that is the point, in case i get really wordy from here on.)
All you do is ask yourself … What is good and not so good so far today? It can be anything but keep in mind, we avoid the overall classification of “bad” because it just paints a topic with a "higher wall" paint color. For example, maybe you have a cold…that is your “not so good”. Your good might be that you have the day off. Okay, so your cold …being not so good… is more of a set back. So you can adjust your day, focus on self care because that is a priority. With self care you can later tackle that to do list that you don’t have the energy for now. Relax. Tell yourself it is okay to relax and go about not getting stressed but focus on getting better. It helps to frame our reaction to the “not so good” as we put it into a better perspective instead of it being a stress that generates more stress and then shite gets “bad”.

So… allow me to “check in”. What is good about my morning? What is not so good?

 What is good is that I have now been on the treadmill at 340 am for two days in a row and I feel like I want to keep the pattern going. I am awake and the day has started on the right foot. Not so good, would be I am in camp, but this morning, more so that because I am awake and thoughts are rolling, I am in a creative writing mood and would love to stay in front of the computer with my thoughts as they are all connecting and my ideas are racing in circles…but I have to work. So … it’s another notepad and pen capture –a-thought-when-I- can kind of day. But ... my not so good is nothing that is going to ruin the day.

 And you?

Good morning, Greater Day. Greater You – just checking in honey, all is okay.
AYD – Pierre Couturier – Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day

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