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Monday, August 1, 2011

Awaken Your Day - Aug 2, 2011 - Renovations are not all Paint and Nails

" Every man is the architect of his own fortune."
- Sallust, 86B.C. to 34 B.C.

Today it is my intension to sign up for a class, and go back to school.  An educational facility.
I realized that while I desire to build the stairway to my dreams, I may need a foundation upon which to build my platform.  To reach for the stars, I know I need that little bit extra under my feet.

So, with that in mind, I came to understand that I want to do some renovations.  Adding a room you might say.  Knock down a wall or two that I probably was unaware that I had built ... but can now see them as obstacles in my way.  Good thing I was not a good carpenter, or these walls ( sometimes knows as fears or emotional barriers...paradigms...habits...rake on the lawn with the tines sticking up...)  well, then these walls would not be so easy to tear down.

I have a plan.  I did not have one before, and so the idea of self renovations was rather intimidating.  Renovations can sometimes paint a "words not required" picture that something is old, or worn out...or maybe even broke.  And then, it may feel hard to get excited over the idea now appearing to be a depressing chore. 

I need a renovation.  Not my life, just me.  Not a rebuild, just an addition.  I did a little research, skipped the page of self doubt because the fine print on that page is horrible on the heart...and I am glad to say, I have a blueprint for a successful addition.

Addition.  Not that scary, not "Change"... but a pleasant, refreshing, foundation assisting Addition.

Who knew I had in me?
How about you....anything you were curious to add on to your glowing personality?  A skill, or an experience; an adventure or just a dream that needs to be dusted off?

Renovations ... and look at that, they signed my name on the drawings.

Good Morning.
Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy to Inspire, Author and  Dream designer.

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