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Friday, May 8, 2020

Awaken Your Day - Replay - July 1, 2018

AYD - another replay worth the replay. I enjoyed remembering this one today. I hope it gives you smiles to think about. Enjoy your day.

Awaken Your Day - June 29, 2016 - Can Find You Anywhere

Inspiration can find you anywhere, and often in memories.
For those of us with children - having them reach milestones is extra special for us because it takes us back to those moments in our own time, and we touch the feelings we once knew. The difference is the knowing - the having been there - and now seeing what they are experiencing takes me back to a simpler and growing time.
Having a little man coming to the end of grade one, reading his little "memory pages" and seeing his friends signing their farewells and words of friendship to remember - well, I must say my mind raced back to the old days. My whole life flashed before my eyes. My school life. All the places that I have lived, the friends that I knew; moments that stand out. Smiles. Tears. Hello and goodbye. Have a great summer. Stay in touch. Hey you wanna come over and play?
Shaping moments. Simpler yet so important steps. I miss them.
I don't have a point today really. Just go take a walk. In these moments we get so preciously to walk with our children on paths we have travelled, take a moment of your own to smile and reflect on the pictures hung on your memory trails. They walk in our steps. Remember the friendships that stand out. Who those friends were to our lives. Why we might still miss them now. Why we wish them well. And yes, how it feels inside for you, to say to any of them when our paths cross, "I'm doing alright" while we play catch up.
You know now, all about back then. So hold their hand a little tighter, say goodnight a little softer, and hug a little longer. As you recall, the precious moments come and go so quickly - let them know it is good to remember and that so many new adventures are still to come. For them, and for you.
Good morning, Greater day. Greater You .. another day in the making.
AYD - PIerre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day.

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