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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Awaken Your Day – Throw me so that I may learn how to land.

There will be times in life that you will most certainly get tossed.
You may land soft, or hard. You may lose your bearings, and surely your breath.
You may lose energy, emotion, and drive. You may want to give up.
You will get tossed… by something or someone and often beyond your control.
And… you will grow tremendously, because Inspiration will find you everywhere, even when you are floating through the air when your feet are taken out from under you.
We can teach ourselves to learn from every toss.
We learn to identify the pain and all of its variations.
We learn to love and what it is to be loved.
We learn to be taught, and comradery.
We learn to stand back up.
We learn confidence, and understanding.
We learn how to avoid the take down, and what to do should we do go down.
We learn to roll, and break the fall.
We learn not to panic.
We learn to communicate, with ourselves and others.
We learn to give the way we wish to receive.
We learn how to feel, and how we influence feeling.
We learn to land, and we learn to breathe.
We learn to find the treasure in every toss.
There is treasure to be found in every toss that life will test you with.
Maybe we are unable to see it right away … I suggest it is more that we often are not aware to try.
One toss at a time … and we will take compounding treasure forward to challenge the next.
So, find a moment in your memory when you were tossed – where are you now? What treasure can you consider that you may have overlooked. Enjoy the day with your new found riches. See where you can invest it.
Good Morning, Greater Day. Greater You – learning to land strong and ready.
AYD – Pierre Couturier – Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day – well, after I got tossed in Jiu Jitsu and found my inspiration for the day.
(Photo by Krystal Black/Rodrigo Resende)

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